Artist Statement: 

My most recent work explores the feeling and reality of being disconnected and alienated (which results in multiple personal realities), despite and sometimes because of the close proximity in which we live to one and other

It is ironic that we, as innately social animals, often struggle to feel connected with friends, family, our communities, society, and the world at large. To overcome this, we set aside our basic instincts and learned biases in order to be "open." We hope, by doing so, to form a connection, so that we can reassure ourselves that we are not alone, that we share the same reality with someone else. 

 But "What is reality?" and "What is the truth?”

These questions, in regards to the human experience, are questions that have long informed the work that I create. None of the paintings in this exhibition provide the answers to these questions. Instead they are invitations for the viewer to enter the narrative, armed with their own understanding of the world, in order to have an authentic moment to share, identify with, and to find the answer(s) to these questions for themselves.

In this day and age when it can feel impossible to understand how our neighbor could raise their children the way they do, how they could behave the way they do, how they could vote the way they do, it is incumbent upon us to reflect on the realities we construct that make us different, and also try to see how, by just being human, we are the same.